• Today

    Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe offers products marketed under two brands, both of which enjoy international renown in their respective fields.

    Graphical representation of Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe : this is the reference brand for our Classic and Saver precision tool ranges.

    It is also the leading brand in the production of files for sharpening chainsaws.

    Glardon® is the brand dedicated to premium tools as well as to products specific to the fields of watchmaking and jewellery.

    Also known as the « Swiss fish », it is a mark of premium quality, high-precision SWISS MADE products. As a result, Glardon® tools have become indispensable for the most exacting users.

    As the umbrella brand, Vallorbe® is present on the vast majority of packaging for Glardon® products.

    We also have brands which refer to product features


    The hardest steel files in the world.


    The files and rasps with an integrated handle.


    Special rasps for farriers.

  • In the past

    When Usines métallurgiques de Vallorbe was established in 1899, it united brands that already had both a reputation and significant commercial value.

    While the logos they adopted are very different, the brands are nevertheless very similar in spirit, evoking above all the rustic life of that time.

    The wheat head featured in the Borloz & Noguet-Borloz logo brings to mind ploughing and harvesting.

    As for the fish pictured in the Antoine Glardon & Cie logo, it is a nod to the local speciality of Vallorbe, the trout, which also features in the city's coat of arms.

    As keen hunters and shooters, Pierre-Isaac Grobet and his son François-Louis Grobet were inspired by their hobby, choosing to depict a hare on watchmaking files and a gun on ironmongers' and engineers' files.

    These three brands have evolved visually over the years, and others have since added to the rich history of Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe.