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    Our products are the sum of over one hundred years' expertise and professional standards. Their quality and their precision attest to our desire to facilitate and improve blacksmiths' day-to-day work.

    Our offer is built around three key products : the Spirit and Spirit XL  rasps, as well as the RA912 rasp.

    The volume of chips removed by Vallorbe® rasps is up to twice that of a "traditional" rasp. Each strike of the rasp requires less effort while remaining efficient regardless of the type of horn.

    Manufactured from high-carbon steel and certified as Swiss Made, our rasps designed especially for blacksmiths have a considerably longer service life than other solutions available on the market.

    In addition to these rasps, we offer an assortment of complementary products such as knife-sharpening files, plastic or wooden handles and sharpening steels.

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