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  • Introduction

    Manufacturing precision tools since 1899, Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe has over one hundred years' expertise in the production of forestry tools.

    As a world leader in manufacturing round files for sharpening chainsaws, Vallorbe® offers a complete range of solutions, enabling you to get the best performance out of your equipment.

    A forester's work is difficult and potentially dangerous. Their equipment is subjected to tough conditions and requires impeccable maintenance in order to guarantee maximum user safety. The unparalleled quality, and precision of our 100% Swiss Made products, as well as our excellent service, have allowed us to become a key player in this industry.

    By focussing on innovation  and constantly monitoring the market and listening to our users, our teams can combine their expertise to develop solutions which will meet your requirements both today and in the future.


    • Farmer
    • Firefighter
    • Landscape architect
    • Logger
    • Etc...
  • Products
  • Applications

    Vallorbe® products cover a wide range of applications in the forestry sector. The list below represents a selection of these :



    Maintaining the chainsaw bar


  • Partnerships

    For a number of years now, Vallorbe® has been working with leading professionals in the field in order to optimise our products and develop new solutions.

    L’école forestière du Mont-sur-Lausanne is a unique vocational training centre that runs courses teaching the relevant techniques needed by forestry professionals.

    We have been collaborating with this renowned European institution for several years now, which has enabled us to refine our sharpening tools and techniques. It is also a valuable opportunity to stay in contact with users and to provide them with equipment that is best suited to their everyday work.

    In addition, by participating in the Swiss Sponsor Pool, we are also supporting the Swiss logging team.

    We support one member of this team in particular, Marc Rinaldi, former Swiss Junior logging champion and now in charge of a family-run forestry business in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel.

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    Forestry Products



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    Chain saw sharpening