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    Intended for machining horseshoe nails and for finishing hooves, Vallorbe® rasps are of exceptional quality.

    Manufactured from a high-carbon steel and certified as Swiss Made, they offer a considerably longer service life than other products available on the market.

    Thanks to the precision grinding offered by V-sharp technology, our blacksmiths' rasps are equipped with over 500 perfectly sharpened teeth. Every movement of the rasp demands less energy, facilitating the blacksmith's work. The volume of chips removed is up to twice that of an equivalent rasp on the market. Every cut is effective, no matter the type of hoof, and requires only minimum effort.

    The revolutionary finishing side of our rasps ensures that the hoof's surface is in an impeccable, fine, clean and smooth condition.

    The systematic checks carried out at Vallorbe® guarantee the consistent quality of all products, from one case to the next and from one range to the other.

    Our offer is built around three key products : Spirit and Spirit XL rasps, and the RA912 rasp.

    In addition to these rasps, we offer a selection of complementary products such as Flat files for sharpening hoof knives, plastic or wooden handles, sharpening steels, etc.

    You can find all of our products in our catalog.

    Products available

    • Blacksmiths' rasps
    • Flat files for sharpening hoof knives
    • Handles (plastic or wood)
    • Sharpening steels
    • Diamond plates
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