Blacksmiths' rasps

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  •   Rasp side - RA 912
  •   Finish side - RA 912
  •   Rasp side - Spirit RA 920
  •   Finish side - Spirit RA 920
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  • Introduction

    Equipped with square edges and over 500 ultra-sharp teeth thanks to V-Sharp technology, Vallorbe® rasps provide better grip on material.

    Manufactured from high-carbon steel, our rasps have a service life which far surpasses that of their competitors. Every cut made with the rasp is effective, facilitating the blacksmith's work.

    Our rasps undergo numerous checks throughout the manufacturing process : geometry of the teeth, height of cut, grinding capability, hardness, etc. The systematic nature of these checks guarantees the consistent quality of all Vallorbe® products.

    We offer three rasps dedicated to blacksmithing :

    RA912 rasp

    The high-performance rasp side of the RA912 rasp enablessignificant material removal while avoiding packing. As for the file side, it ensures the surface of the hoof is impeccable, leaving it fine, clean and smooth.

    Spirit and Spirit XL rasps

    The finishing side of Spirit and Spirit XL rasps is revolutionary. It ensures an even cleaner surface finish whilst also enabling material removal that is up to twice that of a "traditional" rasp.

    To make it easier to trim hooves with large dimensions, the rasps are available in two widths, ensuring better performance : "standard" rasp of 45 mm or XL rasp of 58 mm.


    • Swiss Made
    • Double-sided : one side of the rasp is very effective for hewing, and the other side ensures high-performance finishing
    • Several widths available
    • Considerably longer service life
    • High-carbon steel
    • Consistent quality
    • High-performance
    • Reliability
  • Industries
  • Applications

    The Vallorbe® blacksmiths' rasps cover a wide range of applications. Here is a partial list :

    Finishing work

    Hoof trimming

    Material removal

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