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  •   Halfround ordinary - LP 15601
  •   Hand file - LP 11631
  •   Multifile - LP 50702
  •   Three square - LP 13601
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  • Introduction

    With its precision files, Vallorbe® has been offering the guarantee of high-quality, Swiss made products manufactured from a high-carbon steel especially designed for files, since 1899.

    These files are part of the Premium range of Vallorbe® products. They are particularly recommended for professionals who want to achieve an established quality of work.

    Our files are currently used in a number of areas, by precision engineers, mould makers or jewellers, for example. 

    A precision file is characterised by :

    • Its profile : Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe offers a broad selection of different profiles depending on your requirements : hand, pillar, round edges, equaling, crochet, warding, halfround, round, oval, three square, square, slotting, barrette, pippin, knife, screwhead, multifile and crossing, etc.
    • Its length : this is measured in inches and does not include the tang. 
    • Its cut : depending on the model, Vallorbe® files also benefit from a cut : single, double or milled.

    The cut of Vallorbe® precision files is designed by means of a scale of cuts ranging from 000 which is the coarsest, up to 8 which is the finest. Each of these cuts equates to a certain number of teeth per square centimetre.

    Find all the informations on these products in the documents tab.


    • Swiss Made
    • High-carbon steel
    • Optimal hardness
    • Broad range of profiles and cuts
    • Consistent quality
    • High-performance
    • Durability
    • Reliability
    • Wide choice of cuts
    • Cut all the way to the tip


  • Industries
  • Applications

    The Vallorbe® precision files cover a wide range of applications. Here is a partial list :



    Cleaning and filing welds






  • Documents