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  •   Incurved hand file - LQPL 218
  •   Incurved hand file - LQPL 230
  •   Multifile - LP 5070
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  • Introduction

    Our superior quality, Swiss Made, special-cut files are particularly ideal for bodywork repairs and zinc work.

    Our assortment of special-cut files consists of :

    • Multifile, a file with a first milled cut that has two different faces, one tougher than the other.
    • Habilis pillar multifile, with integrated handle
    • Hand checkering file
    • Pillar checkering file
    • Lathe file
    • Incurved hand file 
    • Car body file, curvilinear-cut milled tooth file.

    Find all the informations on these products in this extract from our catalog.

    We will also happily develop special products that suit your requirements on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



    • Swiss Made
    • Consistent quality
    • High-performance
    • Durability
    • Reliability


  • Industries
  • Applications

    The Vallorbe® special cut files cover a wide range of applications. Here is a partial list :



    Finish machining


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