Carbide Gravers

The first choice for the most exacting professionnals since 1899

  •   Flat edge carbide graver - LOM 1401
  •   Knife carbide graver - LOM 1406
  •   Onglette carbide graver - LOM 1403
  •   Round edge carbide graver - LOM 1402
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  • Introduction

    The choice of grade, the shape and the surface of our Glardon® carbide gravers have been carefully designed to ensure high-performance tools.

    Made from Tungsten Carbide, they offer exceptional hardness of 1500 HV, and can be easily sharpened. Their benefits include an increased service life, high breakage resistance and long-term sharpness. They ensure superior shine for your parts, as well as offering savings and increased productivity.

    The more ergonomic design of Glardon® carbide gravers includes a flat area on the tang for easy attachment of the handle .

    Available in a wide range of shapes (flat edge, round edge, onglette and knife), there are several thicknesses in each shape to suit your needs. These tools can be used efficiently to work hard materials, as well as gold, silver or even brass.

    You will find full details of these products in the documents tab.


    • Swiss Made
    • 1500 HV hardness
    • High wear resistance
    • Increased service life
    • High shine
    • Increased productivity
    • Ergonomic design
    • Flat area on the tang
    • Wide range of shapes and thicknesses
  • Industries
  • Applications

    The Glardon® carbide gravers let you do the following :



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