Jeweller's Kit school by Vallorbe

Tools that live up to your ambitions

  • Description

    Benefiting from over one hundred years' professional expertise in the manufacture of top quality, SWISS MADE and extremely high-performance precision tools, Vallorbe® uses its know-how as a tool for promoting excellence.

    Focused firmly on the future, our company is committed to supporting future generations by placing the best tools in their hands.

    In collaboration with renowned schools, we have selected the tools which are indispensable for learning and practising the trade of a jeweller and watchmaker.

    Brought together in a very robust and practical case, Glardon® tools will be by your side on a daily basis. 

  • Kit school Starter

    Developed in collaboration with professors at internationally renowned jewellery schools, the Kit school Starter includes all basic Glardon® tools that a first-year student may require.



  • Kit school Expert

    Pour vous accompagner lors de votre formation et au-delà, Vallorbe® a conçu une trousse spécifique, solide et pratique, composée d'une sélection d'outils Glardon®.

    Très complète, elle est la boîte à outils idéale pour les réalisations les plus complexes et accomplies.







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