Flexible Shaft Systems

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    Vallorbe® is constantly developing innovative products to support you in your daily tasks.  This process has led us to focus our research on motorised tooling solutions for the jewellery and watchmaking sectors.

    We are offering a range of three different Flexible Shaft Systems:

    Glardon Flexible Shaft: very affordable and extremely well built.

    Glardon by Foredom SR Series Flexible Shaft: the most popular motor. It has all the power and speed needed to accomplish any job without stalling or slowing down while under normal load.

    Glardon by Foredom LX Series Flexible Shaft: Most power from start up to 5000 rpm-max speed. Ideal for low speed jobs like stone setting, wax modeling and drilling.





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    The Flexible Shaft systems we are offering cover a wide range of applications. Here is a partial list :










    Wax work


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