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    As a company with over one hundred years' expertise in precision tool manufacturing, Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe has also developed products specifically for soft materials.

    Our Glardon® rasps are perfectly suited to work with wood, horn, aluminium, or plastic and synthetic materials.

    The size of our Glardon® rasps is ideal for general-purpose hewing, material removal and finishing work.

    Thanks to their various shapes and profiles, they offer the user numerous possibilities on flat surfaces as well as on curves or angles.

    Our classic cut rasps come in sizes 2 to 5. For finishing work, we recommend our fine cut rasps, available in sizes 6 and 7.

    Discover our range of rasps in the catalogs available in the documents tab.

    You can find our range of rasps specially designed for ferriers here.

    Products available

    We also offer our products in sets containing a selection of several different tools from the same range. For more information and details, please visit our sets and kits page.

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