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since 1899

  •   Halfround cabinet fine rasp - RA 3559
  •   Halfround slim thin fine rasp - RA 1559
  •   Hand fine rasp - RA 3512
  •   Round fine rasp - RA 3562
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  • Introduction

    Glardon® fine rasps are equipped with more teeth than the other rasps. They offer you the guarantee of top quality, Swiss Made and high-performance products.

    Our Glardon® fine rasps are recommended for high-precision work. Filed to a point, they are available in the following shapes : hand, halfround, halfround slim, halfround  slim thin, halfround cabinet and round.

    Their length, measured in inches or in millimetres depending on the model, ranges between 150 mm and 265 mm. Please note that the length is measured excluding the tang.

    The regularity of our rasps, the uniformity of their teeth together with their aggression make them products that live up to the standards of the most exacting users.

    Find all the details on these products in this extract from our catalog.


    • Swiss Made
    • Fine cut
    • Filed to a point
    • Optimum hardness of 60-64 HRC
    • Consistent quality
    • High-rerformance
    • Duability
    • Reliability
  • Industries
  • Applications

    The Glardon® fine rasps cover a wide range of applications. Here is a partial list :

    Work with soft materials (aluminium, clay, plastic, plaster, lead and wood)

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