Habilis® rasps

The mark of quality and excellence since 1899

  •   Halfround Habilis rasp - RA 2702
  •   Hand Habilis rasp - RA 2701
  •   Round Habilis rasp - RA 2710
  •   Three square Habilis rasp - RA 2707
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  • Introduction

    With their integrated handle, Glardon® Habilis® rasps cover all basic requirements and provide a firm grip.

    As tools of exemplary quality, they enable work in tight spaces and are suitable for all work on wood, wax, plastic materials and materials with low hardness, such as bone or horn.

    Ready to be picked up and used immediately, our Glardon®  Habilis® rasps are available in the following shapes : hand, square, halfround, round and three square.

    Glardon® Habilis® rasps are characterised by their specific length of 205 mm (handle included).

    Recommended for professionals, they are ideal for a wide variety of applications, both in the industrial and precision crafts sector. They offer maximum performance at an attractive price.

    Glardon® Habilis® rasps are also available in packaged sets which include five different rasps.

    Find all the details on these products in this extract from our catalog.


    • Swiss Made
    • Integrated handle
    • Straightforward and ready for immediate use
    • Five different shapes
    • Consistent quality
    • High-performance
    • Durability
  • Industries
  • Applications

    With there integrated handle, our Glardon®  Habilis® rasps are suited for working with soft materials like aluminium, clay, plastic, plaster, lead and wood.

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