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    Our Vallorbe® set of six files is the best way to check the hardness of your material. It is a must-have for all mechanical workshops and maintenance work.

    This innovative set of six files offers you a quick, simple and inexpensive means of checking a material's hardness.

    The hardness of the different files, ranging from 40 HRc to 65 HRc, can be recognised by the colours of the handles, which are non-slip and easy to use.

    Sold in sets of six, these files are also available in packs of six pieces of the same hardness.

    Find all the details on these products in the documents available in the documents tab.


    • Hardness of 40 HRc to 65 HRc
    • Quick
    • Simple
    • Effective
    • Available in complete sets or in packs of six files of the same hardness
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