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  • Introduction

    For over 100 years, these files have assisted the most meticulous craftsmen on a daily basis. Their point filed right up to the end, their service life and their unparalleled quality gives our needle files an edge over established competitors around the world.

    By choosing a Glardon® needle file, you are selecting the assurance of a high-quality Swiss Made product, manufactured from a high-carbon steel.

    Our needle files are recommended for working with steel, steel alloys, soft metals and for finishing work.

    A needle file is characterised by :

    • Its profile : we have a large selection of different profiles : pillar, crossing, knife, warding, barrette, slitting, crochet, square, round edges, oval, halfround, round and three square, etc.
    • Its length : this is measured in millimetres along the entire length of the file.
    • Its cut : the cut is indicated on a scale ranging from 00 which is the coarsest, to 6 which is the finest. Other cuts are available on request. Each of these cuts equates to a certain number of teeth per square centimetre.

    In order to best meet user requirements, Vallorbe® has introduced a selection of products that complement the Premium range of Glardon® needle files, but differ from it slightly in terms of finish, marketed under the Vallorbe® brand. These Classic needle files are available in three cuts : "bastard-cut", "second-cut" and "smooth-cut".  

    Find all the informations on these products in catalogs available in the documents tab.


    • Swiss Made
    • High-carbon steel
    • Optimal hardness
    • Cut all the way to the tip
    • Broad range of profiles and cuts
    • Consistent quality
    • High-performance
    • Durability
    • Reliability
  • Industries
  • Applications

    The Glardon® and Vallorbe® needle files cover a wide range of applications. Here is a partial list :





    Finishing work


    Guilloché engraving (knives)

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