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  •   Barrette - LE 3007
  •   Crossing - LE 3009
  •   Halfround - LE 3008
  •   Knife pointed - LE 3004
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  • Introduction

    Designed in collaboration with renowned watchmakers, Glardon® escapement files guarantee you high-quality Swiss Made products manufactured from a high-carbon steel.

    Available up to cut 10 (156 teeth/cm), with sharp edges and an extra slim point, our Glardon® escapement files are perfectly suited to work requiring a low removal capacity. They are perfect for gold, platinum, steel and titanium alloys.

    An escapement file is characterised by :

    • Its profile :  dovetail, knife pointed, barrette, halfround, round, crossing, three square, watch anchor, warding, pillar,  square and equalling, etc. We have more than fifteen different profiles available.
    • Its length : this is measured in millimetres and does not include the tang.
    • Its cut : Glardon® escapement files benefit from a double cut. This is indicated on a scale ranging from 00 which is the coarsest, to 10 which is the finest. Each of these cuts equates to a certain number of teeth per square centimetre.

    Find all the informations on these products in catalogs available in the documents tab.


    • Specially created by and for watchmakers and jewellers
    • Swiss Made
    • Cut all the way to the tip
    • Consistent quality
    • High-performance
    • Durability
    • Reliability
  • Industries
  • Applications

    The Glardon® escapement files cover a wide range of applications. Here is a partial list :

    Bevelling (watchmaking)

    Watchmaking work (fitting and repair)

    Work requiring low material removal

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