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  • Introduction

    With its hand tool for repairing screw threads, Vallorbe® offers you an indispensable product for professionals and amateurs alike.

    As a patented tool designed to restore threads, it is practical and can be used in places which cannot be accessed with taps and dies.

    This easy-to-use thread restorer will save you time and raw materials by avoiding long and expensive dismantling processes and downtimes.

    This precise tool allows you to re-form internal and external threads, making them good as new and enabling you to control the thread value and profile.

    The Vallorbe® thread restorer is a general-purpose tool, compatible with all standard threads.

    Each thread restorer consists of eight different threads. Five types of thread restorers are available :

    • ISO
    • Gas (B.G.S)
    • International (SI)
    • UNF – UNC
    • Whitworth (WW)

    Find all the details on this product in the documents tab.


    • Hand tool
    • Restores internal and external threads
    • Compatible with all standard threads
    • Eight different threads per thread restorer
    • Five different product types
    • Time and cost savings
  • Industries
  • Applications

    The filon by Vallorbe® goes everywhere where taps and thread cannot go

    It prevents long and costly disassembly and downtime

    It can also be used as a gage to identify a thread or pitch

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